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Make Your Own Magic!

And by "Magic", we mean "Wine" which is basically the same thing....

With the support of the State Government & PIRSA, we are thrilled to prevent a first of its kind wine tourism experience in the Riverland...  We are pleased to offer our participants the opportunity to take part directly in the wine making procedure.  Capped at 24 participants and carried out over three weekends, this is an amazing & rewarding experience.

Held over three weekends, from late April 2022, in this experience you will:

  • Pick 5-10 buckets of Montepulciano (depending on the number of participants).

  • Crush the Monte & we'll put it to bed for a while... That's us done for the first weekend, THEN we have lunch!

  • Pressing off will take place a week later, participants are welcome to come and help out there, again, then we'll have lunch!

  • And that's it, over the next 8 months, we'll keep you updated on the wine's progress, and you're welcome to come by and do a barrel tasting as time progresses (within reason)

  • By late spring, we should be ready to bottle & participants are invited to come back and lend a hand here, we'll supply lunch and send you away with a dozen bottles of your finished wine!  Please click through for more information

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